Daedalic Announces Blackguards, A Turn-Based RPG

Blackguards is a dark fantasy turn-based RPG.


Daedalic is a studio best known for its work on point-and-click adventures like Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes, and the Deponia series of games. We even reviewed the former here.

In any case, the studio has announced an all new game today that to my great surprise isn't another adventure game. It's a dark-fantasy turn-based RPG called Blackguards, and it's one that definitely has me excited.

The game is framed against a "significantly darker story" than what you might normally find in a Daedalic title, with players taking on the role of a convicted murderer as he travels through the wild south of a fantasy land called Aventuria. Along the way, he is accompanied by scoundrels and thieves like the half-elf Niam, who is said to have a latent drug addiction, and a lecherous old named Zubaran.

Blackguards is set to offer 170 unique battle maps through which players must fight against a wide array of foes. True to the RPG genre, players will embark on both major and minor quests through out the adventure.

I'm informed that the game will have a heavy focus on storytelling, and offer more than 40 hours of gameplay.

Blackguards is set for release in Q3 2013 for the PC. Check out the screenshots below.