Bioshock Creator Praises PlayStation 4

Ken Levine says ‘obviously, more memory, more power is always a good thing.’

PlayStation 4 Controller

In an exclusive interview with Gamespot Bioshock creator and Irrational Games cofounder Ken Levine backed the PlayStation 4's PC-based architecture, saying that it will benefit gamers.

"I love the fact that Sony's architecture is now much more aligned with the architecture of the PCs and[…]I can't say about the Xbox, but I presume they're continuing in that direction," Levine said.

While many companies do not believe that this will be enough for Sony to succeed in next-generation consoles, Levine actually praises this move, saying that it will help gamers to keep all of their consoles under one umbrella.

"That will make life a lot better for gamers because you won't have that sort of diversification of resources in the same way that you had to do to support the differences in the [current-generation platforms]," he said.

Whether or not this prophecy turns out to be true remains to be seen. Little is actually known about the PlayStation 4, and whether or not it will be the next big innovation in gaming won't be known until later this year.

Levine's upcoming project, Bioshock Infinite will finally be released on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more coverage of the release.