Tomb Raider DLC Will Only Be Multiplayer

Don’t expect more tombs for the single-player mode.

It seems those who lamented the extensive combat in Tomb Raider and the comparative lack of tombs are to be disappointed, as the Global Brand Director for the game has stated that the team has no plans to bring single-player DLC to players. Instead, Crystal Dynamics is focused on multiplayer. Karl Stewart confirmed the news during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit:

“There are currently no plans in place for any Single Player expansions. All of our DLC is based around the Multiplayer experience for now.”

Some of the responses are clearly disappointed, with comments along the lines of “I really don't care for the multiplayer that much so to hear that it is taking the focus is a real bummer” or “even just a series of great tombs, unconnected by plot, would be tremendous fun”. One commenter even suggested that no one at all is interested in the multiplayer:

“That seems like a waste of time. No one is even playing the MP. I can't find a game to join to save my life.”

The first piece of DLC for Tomb Raider is already available. The “Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack” provides players with three more maps – each of which is playable in all four of the multiplayer modes – and launched for the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive yesterday. You can buy the pack for 400 Microsoft Points.

How do you feel about this news? Did you finish Tomb Raider wanting more?