LEGO City: Undercover Trailer Sees Chase McCain Fly a Rocket

Which is cooler, that or riding a dinosaur skeleton?

A big part of LEGO City: Undercover involves protagonist Chase McCain actually going undercover. Like in the LEGO Batman games, a variety of disguises offer the player character different abilities. McCain can dress up as a stripy-shirted robber to “pry open any door” and get in with assorted criminal types. The latter is apparently the plan in this latest trailer for the game, which begins with McCain in his criminal disguise, descending on a rope into a museum, which apparently deserves whatever he intends to do in there because the gift shop is expensive.

Unfortunately, it seems McCain can't resist an opportunity to be clever, as he helps the oblivious museum guard with a crossword puzzle. On the flip side, the need to make a speedy escape does mean McCain gets to ride out in style, crashing through the museum's stained-glass window on the back of a mysteriously mobile dinosaur skeleton (which we've already seen in other trailers).

Police chases seem to go down somewhat similarly to those in the Grand Theft Auto games, though in those you're not an undercover cop but an actual criminal. You just drive around in one of the game's many available vehicles, avoiding your pursuers until they give up, and hope you aren't distracted by a call from the clueless Frank Honey while you're at it.

Watch the full trailer for a glimpse of McCain shuffling through his different disguises before settling on the fireman outfit that allows him to break down boarded-up doors, an Arnie reference, and some of the more bizarre vehicles McCain apparently gets to pilot: a crane and a rocket.

LEGO City: Undercover is apparently available for Wii U from today. Have you got a copy?