Watch Dogs Video Teases Alternate Reality Game

A new video purporting to belong to the Watch Dogs franchise appears to tease an ARG.

watch dogs

Ubisoft appears to have set up an ARG—an Alternate Reality Game—for their upcoming title, Watch Dogs, which has launched with the release of a video on YouTube. Seen below, the video appears to be narrated by the game's protagonist who talks about "knowing the truth" and knowing the "digital shadow you cast".

The glitch-filled and Matrix-ish trailer was posted by "scxqdm" and discovered by reddit's r/games community. The description it contains reads as follows:


éverything is „Con'•nected×'


µˆz±im coming for ››ÿou…

At this point, it's hard to say how players will be able to participate in the ARG, but expect more updates as folks from the Unfiction forums and reddit's r/watch_dogs community figure things out.

Some players remain skeptical that the video was released by Ubisoft, but given the production quality, it's hard to see how it's anything but official.