UK Indie Game and PC Showcase ‘Rezzed’ In Birmingham this June

See some games! Hang out with me too, if you want!

The partnership of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Eurogamer have come together for the second time to again showcase the best of upcoming indie and PC focused gaming in a big building in a place in the UK. Today, tickets have become available on the event’s website. You can buy them! You can buy them here.

Previously the event was held in lovely, sunny, coastal Brighton, home of alternative UK culture and nightlife. This year it’s in Birmingham. Birmingham’s alright.

The full list of games that will be present at the show haven’t been announced yet, presumably it will be finalised over the coming months from now until the doors open in June. A preliminary list of Developer sessions and other panels have been put forward. You’ll be able to sit down in a chair in front of a stage where reportedly you can see:

  • Project Eternity Developer Session

  • Dreamfall Chapters Developer Session

  • Vlambeer vs. Dennaton Developer Session

  • Sir, You Are Being Hunted Developer Session

  • The Rock, Paper, Shotgun 100th Anniversary Tribute Show

We’ll also have a presence there, and by “we” I mean “me”. Come say hello! I’m the one with a beard and a plaid shirt. You’ll recognise me. Just tap me on the shoulder, it won’t be weird. If I pretend I don’t know what you’re doing, just take that for an elaborate ruse.

This also means if you don’t feel like going, like, whatever, y’know? I’ll probably just write about whatever’s there and you can read it here. That’s basically the same thing.