Rumour: Battlefield 4 Box Art Revealed

Battlefield 4’s box art may have been outed by someone who claims to have game footage.

A Twitter user by the name of @32bita has leaked what appears to be the box art of Battlefield 4 according to PixelEnemy.

As @32bita's account is protected and no Tweets appear to have been posted – or have been deleted – the legitimacy of the box art cannot be verified. 

However, 32bita's Battlelog account shows that he has the 'I was There' dog tag which was reportedly awarded to BF3 Premium members who watched Battlefied 4's trailer. 

Last month EA labels president Frank Gibeau revealed that Battlefield 4 would be coming to next-gen consoles while screenshots of the game were thought to have been leaked earlier this week. The screenshots have since been reported as fakes which were taken from a Battlefield 3 CGI ad aired in 2012.