Crytek: PC Devs Will Have The Advantage on Next-gen Consoles

Crytek has said PC developers will have an advantage on next-gen consoles.

Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli has said he believes PC developers will have an advantage over console based developers on next generation systems.

Yerli believes PC devs will be "more comfortable" with the PS4 and the Xbox 720 due to their desktop like architecture. 

"I think the next console generation is going to be more a mix of the top devs – they'll be much more PC driven this time round. In fact, I believe PC devs will much more comfortable than last gen console devs," he claimed.

"Last gen, the move from PS2 to PS3, or Xbox to Xbox 360, for many devs was back breaking. But for us going to Xbox 360 (and PlayStation 3), we had to work backward. We had to bring down all our tech to make it happen. As opposed to finding ourselves in that situation with today's PC… I'm already talking too much," he concluded. 

The PS4 has been praised by developers for its PC-like design including the decision to drop the cell processor of the PS3 and while the Xbox 720 hasn't been officially announced yet you can find details of what are believed to be the system's specs here

You can read the full interview with Yerli in issue 97 of Official Xbox Magazine.