American McGee Wants To Know If You’d Kickstart Alice 3

…Would you?

American McGee is a man with two things: A cool name and a passion for making things with Lewis Carroll's titular character in them. Alice: Madness Returns didn’t have incredible sales numbers, but was enjoyable enough to collect a large fanbase. American quizzed them over the popular social network “Facebook”, asking if they’d be interested in playing another game in his macabre version of the Alice universe.

He asked these two questions and then made a statement:

1) If we could get the rights from EA, would you play Alice 3?

2) If you'd play Alice 3, would you back it on Kickstarter?

3) If you said yes to those two things, make some noise – I'm trying to gauge interest in case I happen to discuss this with EA during GDC in two weeks. The more interest there is, the more seriously they'll take the conversation.

The game certailyn could benefit from another entry. It fills a nieche that isn’t necessarily catered too much at the moment. The adult oriented platformer (or platformers in general) have plummeted in favour of other opportunities. The kickstarter route would probably be the direction to go to ensure it. The game doesn’t necessarily have the mass market appeal that would lend to huge sales, but being able to fund development from a smaller audience with the cash raised upfront is a definitely tempting offer.

But all of this hinges on him getting the IP rights, which assumedly EA would not be particularly interested in giving up if a kickstarter can prove the game still has a consumer interest.

We’ll find out more, we suppose, after GDC.