When Ouya To Miss A Features At Launch, Might Be Built Into TVs One Day

Sorry, but you’ll have to go friendless early on

Potentially the next big thing in home video game consoles, in the shape and form of a tiny Android driven-cube, will be set loose later this month as previously reported.

But, according to The Verge, a few features will not be making it for the system's official debut. These include online chat, friends lists, and achievements.

Initially, one might assume that these features will simply be ready in time for the console's retail release later this summer. Though as it turns out, it won't be making that date as well. But it's coming, in the form of an update, schedule for "later this year."

It was originally reported that online multiplayer would not be available at launch either. Those other features are definitely handy, but one can ultimately live without.

But the absence of online multiplayer would definitely be noticed, so to enjoy a game with someone else, he or she would have to be sitting next to you, and you'd have to spend $49.99 on an extra controller. Yes, it's half the price of the console itself ($99). Though Ouya Inc. has since clarified that it will be available, provided that developers bake such functionality in their titles.

Furthermore, it was stated that games in the Ouya storefront will be screened, mostly to make sure no IPs are being broken, and to ensure that there's nothing pornographic. Those hoping something totally free will be disappointed, though ti doesn't seem to be the walled garden that Apple's App Store is either.

There will also be server authentication to prevent piracy, which is a huge issue on traditional Android devices, as well as Apple's iOS devices. Plus, it is hoped that one day, Ouya transcend its current form and be built into televisions, plus tablets, and other forms of hardware. Plans apparently are already under way.