Injustice Battle Arena Asks Celebrities Which Hero Would Win In A Fight

We talk about the opinions of celebrities talking about fictional characters fighting

In promotion for the upcoming DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, their youtube channel is hosting conversations from an assortment of celebrities discussing who’d win in a fight between two characters, each video going over two potential match-ups of characters that will feature in Injustice.

The channel features input from people like Stan Lee, Jace Hall, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes,  Nolan North, Brian Bloom, Steven Blum and Fred Tatasciore.

The video series has reached the Quater Finals! We’re going to post the videos released recently and talk about the points the teams make!

Wonder Woman vs. Batman, Joker vs. The Flash

Do the voice actors reach a real conclusion in the match-up between Wonder Woman and Batman? Did they just decide that Wonder Woman would win and gloss over it? Much respect for them, along with Stan Lee, making what is clearly the correct assessment over The Smith Family who go for the boring obviously more sensible answer

The assumption that the voice actors make regarding whether Joker would win over The Flash follows a sensible thought process. Joker’s known to account for every possibility and would account for whatever The Flash could do, but then again, it’s countered pretty succinctly by Jason Mewes’s suggestion of the guy just whipping around as a tornado. You can account for a whole lot, but you can’t really do anything if you’re stuck floating in mid-air forever.

Aquaman vs. Green Lantern, Superman vs. Green Arrow

Doesn’t even bare discussion. Aquaman is terrible and my boy Nolan North knows it.

All the talk of Superman winning over Green Arrow, though? Nah, son. Kryptonite Arrow? The boy in blue is TOAST.

This is silly. I want more of these videos. Thanks, Warner Bros.