Company of Heroes 2 Promises Realistic Gameplay

The game is "putting the real in RTS."

Company of Heroes 2

Word has it that Company of Heroes 2 will be drawing on reality in order to up the quality of their game, according to a press image sent out in an email.

According to the image, the game, which will be taking place during World War II, will be drawing upon accurate experiences in order to give “a real reflection of the most brutal conflict in human history.”

The game’s weapons and locations will also be drawn from history. Even the sounds the weapons make were recorded for accuracy.

Outside of the war it is drawing inspiration from, Company of Heroes 2 will also be emphasizing a real-world experience by using “cutting-edge weather technology,” and will use battle tactics to enhance gameplay.

Through all of this, Relic Entertainment and Sega hope to redefine the RTS by making sure that every choice players make has a consequence, creating a need for more strategy and a sense of urgency.

This news comes a few days after it was announced that the game would be released on June 25 in North America for the PC and Mac. The property was picked up by Sega after its previous owner, THQ, went bankrupt.

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