New Sleeping Dogs DLC Puts You In Uniform

Experience the thrills of law enforcement!

Fans of United Front’s open-world modern classic Sleeping Dogs will know that the protagonist Wei Shen spends the entire game in deep cover within Hong Kong gang the Sun On Yee, now in the Year Of The Snake DLC, Wei walks a regular beat as a cop in a blue uniform.

…Until some weird cult ritual involving masses of manufactured explosives gets in the way of things and requires his skills as a Super-Cop again.

The extra content will see Wei acting as a mediary in rowdy discussions, handing out traffic tickets and getting involved in the most egregious of police brutalities. He’ll be using newly added tasers and gas grenade launchers, as well as hitting dudes with heck of nightsticks. Some might say this is glorifying that kind of activity from our peacekeepers, we’ll have to see how it’s handled in the full game.

Sleeping Dogs is continually teaching other games how DLC should be done, with each adding unique narrative vignettes that are self contained but use the same mechanics as the previous game but in different styles. This DLC follows Nightmare at North Point which took on a supernatural tone and The Zodiac Tournement which mirrored old Kung Fu movies. Presumably the newest DLC is more focused on providing a blockbuster experience.

We’ve yet to see it in action, but any chance at playing an extended bit of Sleeping Dogs is a chance we’re going to think heavily on taking up. It’s out today on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for $5.99/560 Microsoft Points.