Battlefield 4 Leaked Screenshots Are Fake

BF4 screenshots surface ahead of the game’s official announcement. Or not.

Battlefield 4 Screenshot

Leaked screenshots from Battlefield 4 are purported to have surfaced via EA China ahead of the game's official announcement. Unfortunately, they are fake, and are simply still images taken from a CGI ad made last year for Battlefield 3, seen below.

Earlier today, IGN reported that Electronic Arts had sent out invitation for a closed-door event set to take place on March 26, the same day the Game Developer Conference is held.

The invite did not disclose the subject of the event, but it was printed on an image showing what looks like street lights blurred by heavy rain, with a similar tone and color palette as Battlefield 3's iconic blue and orange-themed artwork.

Additionally, it was confirmed today on BF4Central that DICE, the developers of the Battlefield series, had registered a trademark for Battlefield 4 as "computer game software; downloadable computer game sfotware via a global computer network and wireless devices; video game software."

More of the fake screenshots can be found on the Gameranx Tumblr. They look pretty, but expect the real BF4 to look even better.