Harmonix Announces End Of Dance Central 3 DLC, Last Songs Scheduled For This Month

The day the music stopped.

Today Harmonix announced the end of monthly DLC for Dance Central 3. The popular Kinect game, previously privy to a steady stream of new downloadable songs on a weekly basis, will be no longer be updated. Pointing out the roster of over 200 songs (when the tracks from Dance Central 1 and 2 are imported) and citing their many upcoming titles in development, they took to their blog to explain that the team is simply needed elsewhere, adding that they'll still support the community with Live Challenges and leaderboards. The Music Store will also remain available for any songs you may have missed. The last song will be released in the final week of this month.

Just last month Rock Band was subject to a similiar announcement, with Harmonix revealing that the long running series will no longer be receiving new songs as of April 2. A similar reason was cited, that the talent is needed elsewhere as Harmonix gears up for their future titles. I for one am curious to see what they're working on, as I'm a little disappointed that the Dance Central 3 DLC is ending so soon. Lately their choices were heavy on the no doubt top-selling but utterly banal teen pop and frankly there's only so much Bieber a grown woman can take (none).

Harmonix will have a booth at the upcoming PAX East 2013, where you can try out Dance Central 3 if you've yet to have the chance.