Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Infographic is Ripe With Information

Over 30,000 spectres rule the galaxy.

Mass Effect 3 is one year old to the day, and part of the game's continued popularity comes from its multiplayer offerings, which have served to extend the lifespan of the game well beyond its single-player campaign. The multiplayer mode has been continuously updated with the addition of new character classes, maps, and a wide array of weaponry.

To celebrate the game's one year anniversary, BioWare has released an infographic showcasing the popularity of the mode. The infographic contains a variety of statistics on some of the game's most popular maps, character classes, and number of players who've managed to attain the status of "True Spectre" in their online career.

Mass Effect Multiplayer Infographic

As the infographic depicts, up to 41% missions end in failure—mainly in part due to the difficulty and challenge offered by these missions and the failure of teams to cooperate together. We also learn that the majority of these failed missions are fought against the Collectors.

"We are extremely proud of the work done by our multiplayer team, who has supported players with five add-on packs and weekly challenges over the last twelve months," reads the BioWare post. "Over 40 new kits, 10+ new maps, and dozens of new weapons and upgrades. And let’s not forget the Collectors, and entirely new enemy faction and the return of the dreaded Praetorian."