Shadowrun Returns First Gameplay Footage Released

Footage of Shadowrun Returns has been released for the first time ever.

shadowrun returns

The developers at Harebrained Schemes have finally put together and released a first look of Shadowrun Returns. The game was successfully Kickstarted last year and promised a return of the Shadowrun franchise in the way most of its fans had always wanted it as: a turn-based isometric RPG.

The studio's been working diligently—if silently—in past ten months and they have an ample amount of footage to show the fruits of their labor.

The gameplay video, released just now, serves as a walkthrough of the game and is narrated by two of the game's developers.

According to Harebrained, the game heavily integrates text-based descriptions into the experience—much as the original Fallout games did. There is an in-game "Game Master" which describes the sights, sounds, and smells that your character is experiencing at the moment—much as a real-world Game Master might set the stage or referee the action of a role-playing game.

This is in addition to the quips and observations the characters might make, providing insights into their actions and experiences.

Watch it below:

In addition to the video, the developers have also released a host of artwork for the game depicting its characters as they're rendered within the engine, and concept artwork of some of the game's locations in its Seattle campaign. You can look at them in the slideshow below.