SimCity Players Petition EA To Axe Always-Online DRM

Players of SimCity have taken to to ask EA to remove the game’s always-online requirement.

Simcity protest

SimCity's problems have a lot of gamers fired up, especially since many are unable to connect to the game's frequently-offline servers.

The game's numerous problems have lead to requests for refunds, denials of said refunds, and subsequent complaints on the forum about said denials. Its problems have also prompted online retailer to cease the sale of digital copies of SimCity, which was no doubt the subject of numerous refund requests by disgruntled customers unable to play the game.

Most, if not all of the game's problems stem from its always-online requirement and digital rights management (DRM) which forces users to connect to servers clearly unable to support the weight of millions of simultaneous would-be city planners and mayors.

Unable to find a solution to their problem, fans have taken to to lodge a petition to Electronic Arts to remove the system responsible for much of the game's woes.

“When I, And millions of other people, buy a game that has a single-player experience. We expect it to work regardless of our connectivity to the internet, or quality of our connection,” reads the petition. “EA has made this impossible, so many people with an unstable connection will not even be able to play the game in the first place, let alone anyone who wants to play on the go/with no internet connection.”

You can sign the petition here.