Black Ops 2: Fast Hands Perk Guide, Stats and Mythbusting

Everything you need to know about the Fast Hands perk in BLOPS2.

Black Ops 2

At this point, Drift0r may well be regarded as a human encyclopedia for all things Call of Duty, and his latest video continues to prove the extent of his knowledge in the series and its latest iteration, Black Ops 2.

Drift0r's newest video is about the Fast Hands perk, one of the lesser used perks in the game. The gist of the skill is that it allows players to swap weapons faster, and use grenade and equipment faster. It has the additional benefit of being able to reset the fuse when throwing back frag grenades lobbed your way, giving you ample opportunity to kill your enemies with their own explosives.

Drift0r does a good job of breaking down the perk into the many ways it helps players in multiplayer, and dispels a number of myths associated with use of the perk which have long since been ingrained in the community's understanding of how it works.

It goes without saying that the video will help players gain a keener appreciation of the Fast Hands skill and perhaps encourage more players to use it.

Check it out below.