Black Ops 2: Best Class Setup for Skorpion EVO

A guide on how to get the most out of the Skorpion EVO sub-machine gun.

Black ops 2 skorpion evo

Avid youtuber byArteer has an on-going series of videos showcasing the "Best Class Setup" for each of the weapons and firearms in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Like many other games that allow players to configure their gear setups, the game allows for players to essentially 'min/max' their loadouts to maximize their efficiency in combat and damage output.

byArteer's latest video focuses on the Skorpion EVO, the understated, yet powerful fully automatic SMG. The weapon boasts the highest rate of fire of any weapon in its class with a magazine size of 32 rounds (or 42 with the Extended Clip attachment).

The video creator states that the best thing and worst thing about the gun is its fire rate, as it can take quite a bit of getting used to.

He states that he uses the gun with the Quickdraw Handle, Long Barrel and Fast Mag, and equips Hardline, Scavenger, Toughest and Tactical Mask as his perks. Having Perk 2 Greed and Primary Gunfighter as his wildcards allows him to equip an extra attachment to the weapon and take on Toughness as an additional Perk 2.

Watch the video to see how it performs in battle.