Strike Suit Zero Gets Cockpit View, New Difficulty Modes

The newest patch for Strike Suit Zero adds a host of new content to the game.

Strike suit zero

A new update has been released for Strike Suit Zero, the space combat game featuring a Macross-like robot/spacefighter. The update, released for free by its developers at Born Ready Games, is now available for download on Steam.

The update sees the addition of new difficulty modes to add additional challenges for players who've already finished the game, a cockpit view for every ship so players can experience the combat in first person, and better checkpoint saves.

Additionally, the game's targeting system has been reworked so players can cycle through a list of target priorities. Previously, it was easy to get frustrated while cycling through targets, as capital ships and corvettes were given the same targeting priority as incoming torpedoes and other mission-critical targets.

Here's everything it adds, in full:

Cockpit added: across all ships in the game, players can now switch between third person, and first-person cockpit view, really changing up the first person experience.
Difficulty levels added: players can now choose from Easy, Normal and Hardcore difficulty settings to fit their style of play. Listening to feedback from the community, several of the difficulty spikes have also been removed.
Checkpoint saves: players can now exit a level, and pick up at their last checkpoint
Reworked targeting system: players can now cycle through a list of target priorities – Torpedo, Fighter craft, Corvette, Capital ship, Wreckage – giving more control to players in terms of their attack strategy.

The new update marks the game's third major patch, and its developers have released a video blog to talk about it. Watch it below.