Monster Hunter World File Size Revealed

Here’s how much space you’ll need for Monster Hunter World.

The download size for Monster Hunter World has been revealed.  Releasing on January 26, 2018 the co-op adventure title will take up a total of 12.94 GB on your Xbox One console. If you happen to own a Xbox One X, the game is enhanced featuring support for HDR. PS4 players can expect a similar space requirement for their console.

Monster Hunter World puts players in a huge open environment to explore and take down monsters – with this year’s iteration, there will be a greater focus on coop player, so make sure you have a companion ready to go on a journey with you.

The title is slated to have it’s open beta next week, so make sure you have a portion of space if you wish to give it a try.

Embark on a perilous hunting expedition into a newly discovered continent known only as ‘The New World’ and prowl its uncharted wilds in search of the land’s most ferocious beasts in Monster Hunter: World.

Each new foe you discover will pose a unique challenge, demanding careful planning and a hunter’s instinct to bring it down. Use any number of a vast array of traps. lures and weapons as well as the living ecosystem around you to overcome your quarry.

Monster Hunter: World is set to release January 26, 2018 worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.