Tropes vs. Women Episode 1 Is Out This Thursday

How dare she undermine our complaints by doing the thing she said she would

When is Anita Sarkeesian going to come right out and admit she stole all of our money without any intention to ever produce a single video and presumably spend all of it on handbags and make up and shoes and… 

Oh. She’s putting out an episode this Thursday, you say? The first one? And it’s about Damsels in Distress?

You mean I have to come up with a new way to complain? I was happy with my useless repetition of argumental soundbites about her committing fraud even though the kickstarter backed money was given up willingly. That was kinda my thing. That was actually all I had! 

It’s going to be tough to be a petulant waste of air and keystrokes now that the series will actually exist and I’ll presumably have to argue against her points purely on the merit of her criticism, and that’s going to be tough, because video games are legitimately a cesspool for female representation and there’s no logical way I can justify that. You see how terrible this is going to be for me? I’m going to look bad and it’s all her fault.

I remember a happier time, when the people we worked hard to actively marginalise the voices of actually shut up and didn’t try to shine a light on the culture we consume. It was better then! We didn’t have to try and be inclusive or show anyone that our medium isn’t just for troglodytic frat-bros and insular megalomaniacs.

Now we’ll actually have a highly produced argument that suggests that the culture we consume can improve, provide us with better experiences and fresh characterisation, and it’s going to be awful.