Skyrim Mod Adds Realistic Fire, Doors, Corpses, and Carts

Benjamin Clarke has come out with a new Skyrim mod that adds more realism to the game.

Fire mod

Benjamin Clarke has put together a set of mods for Skyrim that offer additions to a number of in-game entities, bringing new and realistic variants of fire animation, door graphics, burnt corpses, and textures for carts.

In a Youtube video created by user Brodual we are introduced to the new modifications, showcasing all the additions they offer.

The fire animation has been changed to simply offer more fire. Clarke felt that the previous spells did not create enough fire in comparison to the damage they could inflict.

Doors around Skyrim have also been shifted. The old, vanilla doors are now a darker, more mahogany type color. This makes doors fit in the environment better, but there’s something we liked about that brighter color.

Furthermore, corpses burnt by fire or dragon’s breath have also seen retooling. The corpses before were a bit dark and dank, whereas now they seem to be a bit brighter – a more “freshly-roasted” kind of feel hangs around them.

Lastly – and yes, certainly least – is the minute change in cart art. These horse-drawn objects have been color-shifted to be a bit brighter and browner.

While none of these changes really offer any significant changes to the world of Skyrim, it’s nice to still see new options in a game that was released in 2011. Skyrim released in November of 2011 to rave reviews, scooping up nearly all Game of the Year and RPG of the Year awards. Truly a force to be reckoned with, the game has set the industry standard for RPG gameplay.

Grab the mod from the links below:
Benjamin318's Fire
Burnt Corpses