How Does GTA 5’s Version Of Los Angeles Stack Up Against The Real Thing?

Extremely well, but I don’t live in LA, so I could be totally wrong.

As if it needs to be pointed out, but Grand Theft Auto 5 fans are an obsessive bunch. Remember that one guy, who has created a database of assumed game missions, based entirely on 2 second long snippets from trailers?

Though trying to figure out what real life locale a GTA game is trying to emulate has been a pastime for many years (and many installments) now.

Which led to PlayStationAccess to create the following video, in which they challenged a person to find the places that have been hinted at, again from the two trailers we've seen thus far:

Many places look totally spot on. At least to someone who doesn't live in Los Angeles, which serves as the template for Los Santos. No doubt, residents of LA will note significant differences (at least to themselves). Somewhat like how residents of New York love to pick over Liberty City the same way in Grand Theft Auto 4.