For Honor’s Dedicated Servers Go Live Today; Participate and Get Exclusive Rewards

For Honor’s dedicated servers go live later today, and here are the timings, content available for testing, and rewards for participating.

Back in July, dedicated servers were included in Ubisoft’s development roadmap for their online fighting title, For Honor, and the time has finally come.

The development team went to the game’s subreddit to announce the test dates, and invite everyone to join in on the 4-day long stress test. The studio already performed “hundreds of hours of testing internally and externally,” but it’s always different when these servers are put to the test in public. Content will be limited during the 4-day test period, since players will only get to play “Duel, Dominion and Tribute game modes in PvP only.” Not only that, Ubisoft set up a special 4-day long rewards program, where participants in the tests will get special and exclusive rewards.

  • Preload: December 13th @ 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST)
  • Test Start: December 14th @ 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST)
  • Test End: December 18th @ 01:00 UTC (December 17th 20:00 EST)


As the sole objective of this Open Test is testing the new Dedicated Servers architecture, the content provided is aimed to assess its overall stability and possible impacts on the players match experience. In this context, you will be limited to Duel, Dominion and Tribute game modes in PvP only. All Heroes will be available for just 1 Steel each, don’t miss your chance to practice new heroes! The same customization that is available in the main game will be available in the Open Test.


We have set up a 4 day long rewards program so that you will return to the main game with great rewards after the Open Test free period!

Players who participate will get: * an exclusive SYMBOL to customize their Heroes/Emblems; * 1 entry in the Open Test Raffle; * the ability to get more raffle chances and main game rewards through the completion of Daily Orders (where applicable); * the ability get an exclusive EMBLEM OUTLINE and main game rewards through the completion of our special Community Order.

If you want any more information, make sure to check the available FAQ post on Reddit.