Turns Out, Deus Ex: Human Defiance Is Actually A Movie

Move along, nothing to see here folks.

Those who recall the trademark that Square Enix filed a few days ago, for something called Deus Ex: Human Defiance, should brace for some bad news. It's not the sequel to Deus Ex : Human Revolution that many had guessed it was.

Nope, it's actually the name of the upcoming movie, according to Destructoid, who cites superannuation as their source. A bummer to say the least.

Especially since, as noted last time, a new Deus Ex game is more than overdue, from the house that squirts out Final Fantasy sequels in their sleep.

It'll be interesting to see how it shapes up, especially after hearing, again via Destructoid, how the makers of the film have stated that they're "not making a video game movie."

Instead, they're looking to explore the source material's cyberpunk themes, and is also molding itself after other movies, like District 9 and Inception. Additionally, the underlying statement is clear: most video game movies are awful.

And alas, they are.