Soon: A Portal Themed Internet Sitcom

Coming to Machinima in a little while!

Wanted to see what it was like for the staff of Aperture Science before their all-powerful AI killed everyone? There are prequel comics for that. Hate comics? Soon “Aperture R&D” will be showing up on an internet near you through Machinima’s channel! Here’s a teaser video!

Portal is known as one of the few games that actually manages to completely deliver on humour. It’s something that barely any games get right. They may try to make jokes, but it’s rare that they ever hit and rarer that they’re consistently excellent throughout the entire experience. Portal’s not only funny in dialogue, but it’s funny in the setting, in the character work, in the level design and the extents with which the game goes in the final few moments.

It’s not only funny, but it’s clever, it’s poetic, characters have arcs and adapting motivations and dimensions. It’s a game that’s close to perfect inside and out that anything trying to use it as a starting point for their own slant has their work cut out to match what it achieves, let alone exceed it.

This trailer certainly involves a lot of people who are reading lines while a camera is on. There’s definitely people that exist who wrote the dialog and people that then said it before others went away and edited it into sequence.

The best part about this trailer is that they haven’t spoiled any of the fun by including any jokes that might appear throughout the series' run.

Portal Aperture R&D