Metro: Last Light Has A Release Date

All aboard!

You’ll play the follow up to the criminally underappreciated Metro 2033 on May 14 if this press release is to be believed. Perhaps it can’t be believed. Perhaps all reality is a vision created by the mystical energies of the game’s somewhat antagonists The Dark Ones? Perhaps the real world is fiction and Metro: Last Light is the real reality? Can we take that risk?

In the event we snap out of it and we end up back there, you should probably be a little more filled in on our new reality. It’ll potentially keep you alive.

Last Light takes place within the underground train system of Moscow in a post nuclear apocalyptic future only a few years from now. The tunnels were built to withstand any threat and have served as a bastion for the remaining human populace. Outside the safety of the Metro the world is overrun by monsters, literal and metaphorical. Some of them will rip you apart using their mutant claws, others are simply men with abhorrent political ideologies who will shoot anyone on-sight.

Scavenging to survive is all too necessary, as you’ll need to pick up canisters of air in order to traverse the city’s surface that’s now covered in a horrid toxin, alongside picking up bullets to defend yourself, but which also serve as the only currency that matters. You’ll have to trade them in a way that keeps you stocked up on weaponry, but leaves you able to use it to any effect.

The game will come to PS3, PC and Xbox 360.