Gran Turismo 6 Will Release on PS3

Will it also come to PS4?

It looks like Gran Turismo 6 may be here much sooner than we think, and may even be a current-generation title. Michael Denny, vide-president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Worldwide Studios, was talking to Silicon Republic when he casually mentioned GT6 as an upcoming title for the PS3:

“Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side of things another fantastic Assassin’s Creed, GTA. It’s important for our content to have that kind of longevity because, as I was saying [about the PS Vita], the games that come through are going to get better and better over time."

This interview was printed a few days before we started seeing leaks about the upcoming pirate-themed Assassin's Creed IV, but we now know that to be a real thing. If Denny was speaking the truth about “another fantastic Assassin's Creed”, then surely it's sensible to believe that we will also soon get official confirmation of the existence of Gran Turismo 6?

Given that the Gran Turismo games are notorious for taking a very long time to make, Gran Turismo 6 would be a good example of the longevity of the PlayStation 3. But it would be mighty strange for Sony to launch GT6 on the PS3 when the PS4 is due this holiday season, so I'd guess it'll launch on both, perhaps even simultaneously. It would certainly make a killer launch title for the PlayStation 4.