How Does the Creator of the Original SimCity Play the New One?

New Youtube video answer that question you didn’t even know you wanted answered

SimCity London

A new Youtube video details exactly what Will Wright, the creator of the original SimCity, thinks of the new version. The results may or may not surprise you.

"This is probably the first time I've enjoyed SimCity in many years," Wright said, which basically puts a very respected seal of approval on the game, due out in March.

The interview was conducted by Creative Director of Maxis Studio Ocean Quigley. Wright got to play the game beforehand, and sat down in order to discuss his opinions.

Wright paid attention to the aesthetics of the game, saying that it feels very "organic." The street view creates a very emotional connection with the city, putting you into the city you are building. He also really enjoys the road building, saying that he spent most of his money early on just building roads. 

He was also "very impressed" with the way the layers were presented, and felt it was very organized.

This definitely builds up expectations for the new title, and if the original creator says it's great, that means it's great right?

Well, Wright has had a separation from the franchise for a while, so maybe his opinion doesn't hold the weight it used to, but regardless it's nice to hear a good two thumbs up about the title. 

Want to check out the interview for yourself? Watch it below.