A GTA V Diehard Has Created A Database Of Assumed Game Missions

It’s going to be hilarious if his guesses are 100% on the money.

It goes without saying that legions of gamers are desperate to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto V. It’s not just one of the most eagerly anticipated games of this year, but perhaps of this generation; part four was a great way to kick things off, and what better way to bow out than with part five?

Every time Rockstar releases a new trailer, GTA diehards obsess over every single bit of minutia. Many have even tried to predict what the game's missions and scenarios might be. For example: LazyboyEight, a denizen of the GTAForums, who has compiled what can be best described as a theoretical GTA V Missions Database.

Using screenshots from primarily the second trailer (remember, there’s only been two thus far), LazyboyEight has isolated specific shots and given them context, based upon what little information that’s currently available far from the highlight reels, official press releases, and interviews.

Along with the descriptions are notes as to which of the three characters might be the star of that particular level. For example, here’s what we have based upon just four seconds of footage, which honestly seems rather innocuous:

"Franklin steals a white 9F, to follow or chase after the red Super GT ahead, as part of a repo task. The 9F's license plate reads "SA EXEMPT"- it may belong to an undercover cop, and Franklin's theft of it may get him into serious trouble."

To be honest, it does seem a tad bit like fan fiction. Yet at the same time, it is fun to make guesses, and the fact that someone has done just that, but in such an orderly fashion, is even better. And the best part? Finding out if LazyboyEight was correct with his guesses.