Oculus Rift Support Modded Into Crysis

Nathan Andrews has modded in support for the Oculus Rift into Crysis.


Crysis has been given the same treatment as Half-Life 2 by the guy who modded in support for the Oculus Rift, a VR head-mounted device that's been endorsed by John Carmack and puts to shame every previous effort.

Nathan Andrews, who was previously responsible for modding in Oculus Rift support for Half-Life 2 and Black Mesa, is back once again with a new mod for the CryEngine, beginning with the first Crysis game.

“I ported the Half-Life 2 VR mod that I’ve been working on over to Crysis and Crysis Wars (and also CryEngine 3 if anyone is interested in building a game from the ground up with VR support),” writes Andrews.

"A few things to note, my aiming isn't awesome for a couple of reason, I haven't yet modded the crosshairs to track properly so they're currently disabled and I haven't fixed the iron sights to work in the mod so I'm just firing based on reflex, plus this was one of my first sessions with the setup in this game," he adds. "The actual gun tracking is even more responsive than my previous videos as I'm now using a new tracker, a 9DOF 1000hz YEI 3-space tracker (over 4x the hillcrest tracker rate even with the hillcrest's beta firmware that John Carmack had)."

With a little time, he'll be able to do the same with Crysis 2 and the latest title in the series, Crysis 3.