League of Legends: DailyeSports Chats With Titans

SKT T1’s Reapered and JC Frost’s Madlife spoke to interviewers.


GGChronicle recently posted a pair of translated interviews, pulled from esports.dailygame.co.kr., featuring SKT T1's Han-Kyu “Reapered” Bok and CJ Frost's Min-Gi “Madlife” Hong.

Bok sits as SKT's top laner and leader – a man who drove his team to victory in IEM Cologne shortly after joining them. He speaks about his experiences in Germany, his time with other teams, the transition to SKT, and more. Amongst anecdotes and experiences, he responds to an inquiry about his reputation as an innovative strategist:

“I ponder about it a lot. There are many unconventional champions that can become viable in the competitive scene after fixing some issues. After you find that champion, you start drawing the compositions that would maximize the synergy of the team. To be honest, champions like Jax and Irelia are viable in almost all compositions. But some unconventional champions really require the team to have the right setup. If you think about the synergy the champions can create, you can find a lot of good strategies.”

Despite being considered one of the world's best support players, Hong remains humble. He defies his image as a cold, unsociable person as well, laughing easily during the interview. The slew of topics covered includes his relationship with his fans, dealing with defeats, and his champion choices.

He also offers some prime advice on his chosen role: 

“You always have to think that you are the weakest character of 10 people in the game. The support often lacks the gold to buy items, so naturally they are weaker than the others. You have to find a way to beat the enemy player with your brains rather than brute force. Also, a support has to make plays every chance it comes, such as putting down a ward and fishing for the enemy or controlling the dragon timing. Sometimes you have to be really cheap. A really good support would make the enemy player get really annoyed.“

If you'd like to read the complete translated interviews, check out the links below.

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