Mighty Switch Force 2 Coming to 3DS EShop

WayForward says game will be available "in next few months."

Mighty Switch Force 2 announcement

Fans of the Mighty series got some great news today, as WayForward officially announced the sequel to the 3DS hit Mighty Switch Force, titled Mighty Switch Force 2 of all things.

This will be the first official sequel in the series. 

The announcement was made on Destuctoid's podcast Sup, Holmes? by Austin Ivansmith, Director at WayForward, who said that the game should be available on the 3DS eShop within the next few months.

"Man, Mighty Switch Force was so much fun to make…we thought let's do another one," Ivansmith said on the podcast.

He mentions that the game has been in production for a while now, but they were not able to announce it before. Apparently, guests at Magfest got a sneak preview of the sequel's soundtrack from Jake "Virt" Kaufman, who worked on the original soundtrack, but had no idea what they were hearing.

In Mighty Switch Force, players got to play as Patricia Wagon, a peace-keeper who has to bring escaped Space Hooligans to justice. Ivansmith stated that our heroine will be returning to the sequel but with a "surprise career change."

No release date or prices were announced, but Ivansmith mentions that it will probably be in the same range as the first game. 

Watch the interview section below where Ivansmith made the announcement.

Source: Destuctoid