Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Coming To European PS3s This Autumn

Hey Europeans! Play some Kingdom Hearts stuff you couldn’t until now!

Presumably you’ve played Kingdom Hearts before. You had to have. It was impossible to like video games, own a vague sense of curiosity and not feel like seeing what was up with Final Fantasy crossing over with the Disney universe. If you’ve never played Kingdom Hearts, seriously, what kind of self restraint do you have? Please, teach a class. Your skills have to be shared with the world. Perhaps we can grow as a species.

Your holding back has been rewarded, though, with a new version of the game for Playstation 3 later in the year that’s packed full of so much extra content that it’s basically bursting open.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX features three things: an updated version of the original game that came out in Japan as “Final Mix”. It includes new weapons, new enemies, new abilities, new cutscenes and new missions. That’s a bunch of new stuff that the European audience hasn’t had the ability to see.

It also gives the player access to Re:Chain of Memories, a game that’s never been available in Europe up until now either.

Lastly, it features all of the important cinematics from 358/2 Days, a side story that bridges a gap between Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. Not the game, though. We can presume that’s because it came out for the DS and there’s no simple way to port it across to the Playstation.

All of it looks nicer and has improved audio, apparently.

No word on whether or not the story now makes a lick of sense.