Mass Effect 3 Sees the Return of the M7 Lancer

BioWare engages in some fan-service with the M7 Lancer.

Mass Effect 3 M7 Lancer

A victory has been won for the original fans of Mass Effect, as it has been revealed that the M7 Lancer will be making its way to Mass Effect 3 through the upcoming Reckoning DLC.

The content, which was first leaked through a premature description on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace earlier this month, will be available to consumers on Tuesday, February 26.

A couple of photos recently published in the latest batch of screenshots made suspect what has come to be a reality, in the form of the M7 Lancer Assault Rifle. There also appears to be what looks like an Executioner pistol.

These rumors all became fact earlier today, as Lead Combat Designer Corey Gaspur published a revealing tweet: “Many fans asking about the M7 Lancer, it is a weapon from ME1 making a comeback! It also sports the classic overheat mechanic.”

The fan reception on Twitter has been more than positive, though a few question the excitement surrounding a weapon that overheats and might be relegated only to the multiplayer side of the game. Gaspur has noted in a response on Twitter that, “How do you know it's not in SP? Never say never.” So perhaps we may still see some of the new weapons in the upcoming DLC released for the single player portion of the game.

The Reckoning content will in many ways herald the coming of another Bioware DLC package – Citadel. Citadel is due out on March 5, and will feature a host of new content.