LEGO City: Undercover Introduces Chase McCain

The guy can do a wall run, Mirror’s Edge style

Nintendo has published another video promoting its upcoming kid-friendly GTA-style adventure LEGO CITY Undercover. This video is the first of six “webisodes” that will introduce some of the characters we'll meet in the game, and naturally – since it is the first – this one is all about Chase McCain himself.

We get to see that total Chase McCain fanboy do his, “Chase McCain?” bit again, though this time not followed up with the, “You're a legend!” We also get two female characters and another male one saying his name, so it seems like this is a thing that will happen a lot. The police chief doesn't seem to like him quite as much as that fan of his, either, as he shouts, “Do not disturb me!”

Apparently that's Chase's cue to go explore Lego City, as we then get a few clips of the kinds of things he gets up to in the open world. He hops in a police car, which he'll probably do quite a lot over the course of the game, blaring his siren with no thought for the benefits of subtly. Sure enough, four of those guys in black-and-white shirts hear him coming and scarper, and Chase gives… well, chase.

This is a good opportunity to show off Chase's parkour skills, and we see him climb poles and even do a Faith-style (Mirror's Edge) wall run. And then, to round it off, he fires off a few quips and apprehends a guy by removing his arms.

Are you excited to play Lego cop?