Daedalic Entertainment Announces The Night of the Rabbit

The game features wizards, magic, and talking rabbits.

The Night of the Rabbit

Daedalic Entertainment announced today that a new title is in the works, and will be released this spring, according to a press release.

The Night of the Rabbit, an upcoming adventure game originally known as The Rabbit's Apprentice, has been in production for over a year, and is a "unique" entry in Daedalic's list of cartoonish, but enchanting and artistic games. 

The Night of the Rabbit is Daedalic’s biggest adventure game so far," according to Carsten Fichtelmann, Daedalic’s CEO. "We believe with this project, the development team has created a unique game that will enthrall players all over the world.”

The game follows the adventures of a 12 year old Jeremiah Hazelnut, who gets the chance to become a magician after the Marquis de Hoto–a dapper rabbit–brings him into a new and magical world. It's a dream come true. However, the world suddenly becomes a nightmare when the wizard Zaroff takes hold of the world. Hazelnut must then uncover the secrets of the Marquis, and the world in order to save it.

Germany-based Daedalic Entertainment is known for creating unique adventure games, including the critically-acclaimed Deponia series, and Botanicula.

The Night of the Rabbit is set to be released on May 29.