BioShock Infinite Has Gone Gold, Here’s A Trailer

Watch this marketing material and let it inform your purchase

Oh damn. It still feels like yesterday we were joking around, watching the reveal video for Infinite and calling it “SkyoShock”. Look how far we’ve come! We’ve had conversations about the supporting character showing too much cleavage (and she’s even had her face changed to look more like a real-life cosplayer), we’ve worried about the box art being too generic, we’ve had concerns about a massive portion of the higher management team dropping out, we’ve heard about the multiplayer being axed because of budgetary constraints, but here we are, a few weeks until release and the game’s finally done!

To celebrate, the team at Irrational have dropped this trailer to give us a better sense of what we’ll be seeing.

The trailer talks heavily about Lead Character Booker’s Mission to get the Scarily Magic Elizabeth out of the floating city of Columbia. It also teases that there’s obviously more to the events than we’re currently aware. It’s BioShock, after all.

There’s a lot of shooting and a lot of talking, which puts it right in line with expectations of the brand. Hopefully this meets and exceeds what we’ve been granted before with the previous games. That’d be nice. It’d be cool to play a good video game.

Pick it up on March 26th in a store, or get it delivered to you or whatever. I don’t know how you do things. Maybe you use Amazon? Maybe you like to speak to people in person when you buy a game? Whatever, just y’know, buy it if you think it looks good. Jeez.