Quantic Dream is in New York Just in Time for the PS4 Announcement

Is co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière going to show off a next-gen Quantic Dream game?

More PS4 rumours abound, as NeoGAF spots a Tweet from Guillaume de Fondaumière – co-CEO of Quantic Dream – that seems to suggest he is in New York:

It doesn't take too outrageous a leap of imagination to speculate that de Fondaumière has ventured so far from his home in Paris to attend the PlayStation Meeting due to take place tomorrow, at which Sony is expected to announce the PS4. And from there we can but hope that Quantic Dream will actually get a chance to show off some next-gen software the team is working on.

Further suggestion that this is the case comes from Sony's decision to re-upload the Kara demo to its official YouTube channel only yesterday. This demo, which shows off the studio's impressive engine and performance capture techniques, was originally shown way back in March last year, so it seems sensible to suggest Sony has a reason for bringing it to the attention of fans again now.

Maybe we'll just get to see a remake of the Kara demo, this time on PS4 rather than PS3. It'd certainly be an effective way to get people excited about the capabilities of the console. But fans will naturally be hoping that Quantic Dream is in New York to demonstrate an actual game running on the console. It's highly unlikely that we'll see actual gameplay at this early stage, but maybe we'll at least get an announcement. Could we get to learn more about this mysterious Singularity PS4 game for which Quantic Dream recently registered a domain?