Sony Rounds Off PlayStation Recap with Video on Portables

This should be the last video before tomorrow’s PS4 announcement

One day before the announcement of the PS4, Sony has released the last of its “PlayStation Evolution” videos, which look at the history of the PlayStation brand. We've seen videos that invoke nostalgia for the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2, and one about the PlayStation 3 that presents footage of a load of games that haven't come out yet and tries to make Move look relevant. Rounding off the consoles that bear the PlayStation name, today's edition look at both the PSP and the Vita, presumably because there wasn't enough on either (and especially the latter) to create separate videos.

Reminding us that we're getting old, we're told that the PSP was officially announced at E3 in 2003, ten years ago. Dramatic voiceover man is careful with his words, touting the PSP as the “first handheld video game system to offer console-quality experiences” before pausing and adding – since Nintendo fans will likely argue with that – “along with a large, high-resolution screen”. Then we get to play spot the game; anything make you feel all nostalgic like the PlayStation 1 video?

Sony apparently took “learning from the PSP” to create the Vita, though this video focuses strongly on those features that are new to the console: the rear touchpad, the Wi-Fi and 3G options, cross-play. Whoever made the video has done a decent job of making it look like the Vita has loads of games – I think we're shown six in total – but there's a little awkwardness when voiceover man says, “Thanks to strong titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush,” and then stops there.

You can watch all of these videos on the “PlayStation 2013” website, where Sony has also put up a teaser for tomorrow's announcement. You can also sign up to “be the first to know” by handing over your email address, but honestly you're probably better off just keeping this site open on one side of your screen and Twitter on the other. With a day and a half to go, are you ready for whatever Sony has to say?