PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Updated To Include Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

The first game is one of the most underrated releases of this generation, and the second is back when Capcom cared about Mega Man.

A quick heads up to those who are either members of PlayStation Plus, or are considering it, or perhaps are thinking of giving up their memberships. The PlayStation Blog reports that two new games are being added to their Instant Game Collection: Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

The former is a futuristic third person shooter by Platinum Games for the PS3. It's by Shinji Mikami, best known for Resident Evil, though Vanquish is more along the lines of God Hand, which also enjoys a rather modest, but intensely loyal fan-base.

And the latter is a PSP remake of the Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo. It basically takes the finely detailed sprite graphics and turns it into somewhat decent 3D polygons. It's mostly notable for coming from the last time in which Capcom seemed to care about the blue bomber.

Both will be available tomorrow, February 19th, alongside the the Dust 514 Starter Pack and Urban Trial Freestyle, which are 20% off for PS Plus members (both the PS3 and Vita versions; sorry, but there's no Cross-Play with this one).