Beercade Is An Arcade Cabinet That Dispenses Beer

If there ever was something made ‘just for me’ this would be it.

Beercade arcade cabinet

Beer and video games go together like beer and greasy food, or video games and more video games. It's kind of a match made in heaven. It only makes sense that people would try and cash in on this mystical pairing. We just only wish it could have been us.

That brings us to Beercade, a two-player arcade cabinet that rewards the player with beer instead of tickets. Now you understand our excitement.

This work of art was created by McKinney, an advertising agency, as part of a campaign for Big Boss Brewing Company. The cabinet features The Last Barfighter, a fighting game especially made for the Beercade wherein players can pick between five different characters representing five different breweries. Whoever wins best two out of three fights wins a sample of beer, which despenses from a spout. 

Beercade looks like a typical arcade cabinet for the most part, except instead of a coin slot, there is a drip tray and cup holder. Instead of inserting quarters,  players place a cup on the tray, where motion sensors start the game.

The arcade cabinet so far is only being carted around to special events, so as of now, your local pub is not getting its own version. However, it is being used to raise money for charities.

"We plan on featuring the Last Barfighter at events that help raise funds and awareness for our charitable partners in the communities we serve," explained Big Boss Brewing's marketing and distribution manager Dave Roger."

Luckily for us this is not the first time beer and video games have come together in seamless harmony. For example, CES 2011 featured the Nvidia Kegputer, a working computer built into a keg. There is also the other Beercade which is a combination bar and arcade in Omaha, Nebraska.

So do not fret. Your time will come drunk gamer.