Sega’s Back In The Hardware Game With A Gaming PC

Sega is releasing a host of retro-themed gaming laptops.

sega laptop

Sega's back in the hardware game—but before you get excited about a new Dreamcast, just know that the game publisher has instead announced a line-up of retro-themed gaming laptops.

Co-developed by Japanese PC retailer Enterbrain, the new laptops are skinned to look like Sega's classic consoles, the Mega Drive, Saturn, and the short-lived Dreamcast.

In the minimum configuration, the laptops sport a 64bit version of Windows 8, a 15.6-inch monitor on a 1080p resolution, a relatively low-end Intel Pentium 2020M processor, 4gb RAM, and 500gb of storage. According to Engadget, that's the base model, and it costs $1,100 or ¥99,750. Higher end models will cost up to ¥194,250 or $2.1k.

The prices are on par with other laptops released in the Japanese market, but they may be a little too rich for anyone else's blood, given how little they offer in terms of performance. At the bare minimum, you'll be able to run Sega's newly released Aliens: Colonial Marines—a game with graphics that look a decade old.

However, if you consider yourself a Sega aficionado with more than a little dough to throw around, you can travel to Japan and pick one up. They're out in June.