Team Fortress 2 Guide: How To Get Tux On Windows

If you’re struggling to get Tux in TF2 and haven’t the slightest idea how to install Linux, this guide will get you started.

tf2 tux guide

Are you a Team Fortress 2 player? Of course you are! Would you like to acquire the new Linux-themed Tux penguin to show off in the game? Certainly! Have you difficulty installing Linux? Of course you do. It's not easy, but that's what we're here for—to help you get Tux and acquire what may be the next set of Ear Buds.

heavy tf2 tuxHere are the things you'll need:
– A Windows PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7. This won't work if you have Windows 8.
– Spare time.
– Episodes of Breaking Bad, Community, or Game of Thrones on Netflix, DVD or Blu-Ray

Got what you need? Read on.

The easiest way to get Linux up and running is to pick up Wubi. It's basically Ubuntu for Windows. Pick that up here and just follow the installation procedure.

1. Launch Firefox and head on over to the Steam website to download the Linux client.
2. Open the downloaded file and click install. It may ask you for a password if you have your system protected, so go ahead and enter it in if you're prompted.
3. Once Steam is installed, you'll see a Steam icon on your desktop. Click it.
4. Steam will download a few packages to update to the latest version. Agree to download it by typing 'y' (without quotes) and hitting enter. Enter your password and continue.
5. Log into Steam and download Team Fortress 2. This may take awhile, so watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad, Community, or Game of Thrones in the meantime.
6. Also update your software drivers and graphics drivers for Ubuntu or the game might have difficulty launching.
7. Once everything's installed, launch Team Fortress 2. If you manage to get past the logo screen, you'll automatically unlock Tux.
8. Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of your very own Tux!

Tux is available in three styles. Check them out the variants below:

Tux Variant

Now that you own Tux, you'll want to uninstall Ubuntu. To do so, simply follow the instructions ahead:

1. Use Wubi to uninstall Linux. Yeah, it's that easy.