Returns From the Brink.

Player pairing site is up and functioning again after being overloaded., a site that boasts simple, quick pairing with a player that complements your play, has come back online. Three days ago, the site launched to a significant amount of interest – too much interest. 13,000 unique visits in under an hour spurred the site's host to withdraw accommodation until a larger hosting service was subscribed to – a 1,000 euro per month fee.

Now they're back! A new host has been acquired, and you're now free to put the service to use. Curious about lolduO, but don't know what it provides? User Thats_so_draven described it in an edit to the initial Reddit post.

“What's lolduO The simplest way to find the best complementary partner for your next ranked or classical game. How many time does it take? First time visiting lolduO ? It will take around 15-20 seconds to complete form (step 2). But don't worry, form is saved for your next times! (; And for finding my partner ? A smart table (auto-refreshed, sortable by order, filtrable by keywords) and a live chat!”

Are you suffering a dearth of contacts to play with? Do you want a play buddy you work well with? Are you simply interested in flexing some improved statistics? lolduO aims to assist you. 

Early feedback appears to indicate that the service remains a bit in the sticks at the moment, but it seems reasonable to expect birthing issues to be ironed out soon.