Welcoming Our Conquerors: Na’Vi Plans American Residency

Na’Vi’s representative speaks about plans to open a US gaming house.

In an interview with ESEA News, Natus Vincere's PR manager Andrew “Xeo” Yatsenko revealed the organization's plans to open a US-based gaming house. Na'Vi has quickly risen to prominence since their inception in 2009, conquering opposition from Counter Strike 1.6 to FIFA. Now the Ukranians are set to invade the United States.

We traveled to Seattle, Washington with our DotA 2 team in September 2012 for The International 2 and were really amazed by how many fans we have in the US. People were literally traveling across the country to meet and greet their favorite players and the whole audience went wild during Na`Vi matches in the Benaroya Hall. That was really epic! Considering how fast eSports is developing in the US, going overseas would be just a matter of time for Natus Vincere.

Near the tail end of last year, Na'Vi came very close to signing an entirely American League of Legends team. Plans for a new League team or two are apparently still in the works, however! When asked about their future, Yatsenko had this to say:

That is a good question! But you know, the internet, electronics and e-Sports industries are changing so quickly that even just a few years ago we would never have been able to predict what the industry would look like today.

So let’s focus on the near future instead, in which we see ourselves getting at least two top tier gaming squads in the most popular titles (for now it is definitely League of Legends and/or StarCraft 2), as well as an established gaming house in the US. If things go well, we may expand to Asia too, but that’s just me dreaming now, so let’s get back to reality and build the bricks in our castle one by one.

Big things, it seems, are in store for Na'Vi. Here's wishing them a smooth hop over the puddle.

Original News Story via ESEA News