NBC’s League of Legends Show Has Expanded

League of Legends has received some new video coverage.


NBCNews recently aired a pair of new segments for their League of Legends Show, which began its series last October. The first piece follows NBC's Todd Kenreck in an expose on the enormous size and stature the game has achieved, the expectations and demands such has placed upon Riot, and League's status as a sporting event. When asked about the reach they've achieved, Riot Games' CEO Brandon Beck effused:

“It's hard to say, I mean, we never expected League of Legends to be as successful as it is. We attribute our success to our fans – we have fans that have stuck by is through thick and thin, who are so committed to what we create, and are so helpful in helping us build the product to its full potential, so, we credit the fans.”

He later voices his opinion on his game's place in eSports.

“I think to truly appreciate video games as a sport, you probably have to have spent some time playing the games. For those people who play the games and understand the sport, there is a tremendous amount of both physical acumen, mental acumen, teamwork, and competitive spirit that goes into playing the game at the highest level. It's really phenomenal to watch.”

A certain polarizing rodent is featured in the second of the newly posted segments. Fans of the game speak their minds on the video's subject, offering a binary of opinions summarized nicely by Beck:

“I actually do love Teemo. I also love killing Teemo.”

Give it a watch for armies of Teemo hats, his death statistics, and more. And, while you're there, check out the rest of the series!