Black Ops 2 Vague Update On The Way, Treyarch Discloses

The studio fails to disclose what the patch contains, except to say that a patch is coming that fixes things.

WTF Treyarch

Treyarch Studios is making big strides in improving the quality of its latest FPS, Black Ops 2. As the flagship title in the Call of Duty series, the studio's now at the helm of what used to be Infinity Ward's baby before its two lead developers fucked off to EA.

The studio's had to face a lot of criticism from fans expecting only the best gaming experience from the world's most popular video game, and even the announcement of an update is met with cynical remarks like "I SMELL LIES" and "Lag comp please," in reference to the lag compensation issues currently faced by players with anything less than a perfect internet connection.

Presumably, the patch will be out on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3—like every previous update.

Responses to the studio's announcement that they intend to release a "game update" in the "coming days" can be seen in the screen cap below:

i smell lies

The developer posting on the @Treyarch Twitter account claims that the update will bring a number of improvements and address a number of issues—none of which were actually identified either in the tweet or at any time else on their social media account.

At the present, the game remains "unplayable" (at least competitively) on the PlayStation 3, where players deal with instability and player connectivity problems unique to the platform, as we detailed in this report a couple of weeks ago.

It's unknown if Treyarch plans to address the issues on the platform, but given the studio's lack of response towards these issues, gamers have good reason to doubt the studio's efforts or its intentions to do anything about them.